Significance of studying C and MATLAB

C is a powerful structured and procedural programming language developed by Denis Ritchie. The language is close to machine language and thus is used to develop portable application software. It is a general purpose programming language which has seen its usage in development of many other programming languages like D, Perl, Go, Rust, Java, JavaScript, etc. Being the most popular programming language which is used worldwide, it becomes all the more necessary to learn this language. Understanding of C language includes understanding of –

  • Procedural Oriented programming language which is a structured approach whereby the modules are written to perform a function and those modules are called in the main code.
  • Conditional Constructs – Used to undertake conditional processing.
  • Looping Constructs – Used to reiterate a specific part of the code.
  • Functions – the part of code undertaking a specific function, to be called for while writing the main code
  • Arrays – A list of values arranged in rows and columns
  • Pointers – object storing the address of the value stored at some other place in the memory.
  • Structures – constructs used to store different values of different type under the same name.
  • Unions – the structures that can hold any type of data but one type at a time.
  • Enumerated Data types – A data type used to store a set of named values.
  • File Handling – opening , writing , closing files and performing such other operations

MATLAB or Matrix Laboratory is a high-level language, developed by Math works, that provides numerical computing environment. It is used for matrix manipulations, plotting functions and data, developing User Interfaces and interfacing with the programmes written in C, C++, JAVA and FORTRAN. Using this one can analyze data, develop algorithms and develop models and applications. The tools provided therein help to reach the solution faster than any spreadsheet. The applications of MATLAB include signal processing and communications, test and measurement, computational finance, image and video processing, etc. It is used by scientists, engineers and academicians in the industry . Understanding of MATLAB includes understanding of –

  • Handling of Matrices and Arrays, Programming ,
  • Graphics ,
  • Simulink   package,
  • handling images,
  • Spatial transformation and
  • Morphological image processing.

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