Certified Financial Planner Course Training in Delhi

As we all know CFP Certification is an internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community. The Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) of India gives CFP certification. FPSB India is an Affiliate of FPSB Limited, which is a non-profit association that manages, develops and operates certification, education and related programs for financial planning organizations around the world. It helps you gain expertise in financial planning.

This program gives a holistic view of all aspects of financial planning like Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Investment Planning, tax planning and Estate planning. Apart from enhanced career and employment opportunities, the certification provides you with a professional recognition in more than 23 countries around the world. A candidate registered under the CFP Regular Pathway must be SSC/ Matriculation/10th pass at the time of enrolment. He must pass the following four examinations.

• Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning (Exam 1)
• Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits (Exam 2)
• Investment Planning (Exam 3)
• Tax Planning & Estate Planning (Exam 4)
These Exams are facilitated by NSE and conducted online on the NCFM platform on NSE’s examination centers and other NSE networked sites throughout India.

We at VTIPS provide your assistance to prepare for these papers. We have the best training projects in Delhi. Our dedicated and experienced faculty works hard to provide you all the knowledge, full time support and build correct attitude to clear these exams. Our Supported, recognized, promoted and preferred financial training institute in Delhi has build careers. The much needed guidance, practice, tips and tricks and the perfect knowledge of pattern of paper, all are provided at one place. This high income potential certificate with dynamic rewards requires real knowledge of subjects and can be gained from our experienced tutors.

Come and join the best financial training institute in Delhi and turn your dreams into reality.

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Best Institute of MATLAB Training in Delhi

In this tech savvy world technical course are in great demand. Be it in any aspect. VTIPS offers best technical courses training in Delhi. One of them is MATLAB training which gives core insight to the technical aspect of
the course.
Now a day everyone is going for technical knowledge and MATLAB training in Delhi is one of the most sought after thing. It is a vast field and so it is highly beneficial. MATLAB is a computer language that is used for computing. With rise in technical advent of industries, firms, research institutes, colleges, etc. the need for simple method for evaluation of large amount of data has also increased. Thus the industry has increased demand of expert MATLAB professional. This technical course has excellent curriculum with course material.
The methodology of training includes theoretical classes with practical session on the MATLAB software.  It’s easy to use interface, simulation, modeling capabilities and toolkits makes MATLAB training one of its kind.
MATLAB or Matrix Laboratory is a tool which was previously used by experts but with good training anyone can learn it. It needs sheer dedication of experienced technical analysts to provide insight knowledge. MATLAB training in Delhi cannot be pursued by any organization but needs young, experienced and efficient faculty and VTIPS offers un-matched MATLAB training in Delhi. For this MATLAB training in Delhi no prior knowledge of MATLAB is required.
This course starts from basic to fundamental and take you to the professional level. Computational finance, measurement signal processing & communications, image and video processing, engine calibration etc. are the toolbox widely used by professionals and MATLAB training offers it all. This technical training i.e. MATLAB can make you a knowledgeable person with most sought after skills. MATLAB training covers themes of data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming, all explored throughout the course. So with this matchless training, dedication and expertise of teaching professionals and hard work of yours, you become the choice of every employer.
MATLAB training in Delhi by VTIPS provides meaningful job oriented technical training and professional training to the students in Delhi NCR. And it’s not just claimed baselessly, our 3 years’ experience in this field testifies our unmatched quality of technical training in Delhi. . VTIPS also offers MATLAB workshop to students of various college in Delhi NCR. The main purpose of this training is to familiarize the student to MATLAB Software by introducing him to the features and commands of the program.

Put a Stop to Losses in Stock Market through Technical Analysis

Stock Markets are highly volatile. These sharp movements that occur in stock prices give us great opportunities to make profits, if one can time the markets. However, majority of the traders/investors find themselves on the losing side and end up making huge losses. This is mainly due to the characteristic of the human mind viz – Greed, Fear and Hope. Some people never book profits as they are greedy for more profits. Whereas some panic and book losses in the fear of losing heavily only to see the stock move the way they had predicted after they have exited from the stock. The worst affected are those people who are on the wrong side of the market trend but still hold on to a stock in the hope that their price levels will come sooner or later.

Hence, in order to make profit and cut ones losses from the stock market, study of Technical Analysis becomes essential. Technical analysis is the study of price charts along with volumes. The charts take into account everything that is likely to impact the prices, some of the factors being fundamental reasons, stock specifics news/results, occurrence of events affecting some sectors/stocks, political events, natural disasters etc. In short, Technical analysis study includes everything that can impact the prices and the way the prices move indicate the future price trends or the direction in which the stock prices are likely to move in the future. Sometime, patterns are formed in the price charts, these patterns depict the psychology of the masses and these patterns will work across all the markets viz. Equities, Commodities, Currency etc. Hence we can say, Technical Analysis helps in spotting changes in trends and prices patterns based on which one can take timely investment/trading decisions. It is a very effective tool to time the markets i.e. determine the enter levels, the stop loss as well as the targets levels.

But, a word of caution here is that Technical Analysis is not infallible, as it is linked to the psychology of the masses and minds of people can be confused, fluctuating and indecisive at times. At such times Technical analysis may fail or may not give clear indications of the direction of the stock market.

Though Technical analysis is being practiced in the west as well as some Asian countries like Japan for more than 100 to 150 years, it has become popular in India only in recent years.

Role of professional training institutes in the knowledge based economy ?

Shape of our economy is changing with time…..it has transformed itself into a knowledge based economy. Due to this dynamic nature of the economy it becomes mandatory for one to update himself as per the latest trends. One has to have vast knowledge about diverse areas. In such a scenario, going in for professional courses to keep oneself abreast of new developments, becomes necessary. Here comes the need for professional training institutes which make a person capable of surviving in the ever-changing times.

Changing economy has its effect on the financial markets as well. Markets have become all the more volatile and thus require professionals to undertake a thorough analysis before taking any investment or trading decision. Technical analysis plays an important role in understanding the markets. It is a methodology used to forecast the direction of prices taking into consideration the past market data. On the basis of past experiences future trends are predicted. A person conversant with the technical analysis can take appropriate decision regarding investment/trading. Thus taking up professional course in technical analysis is necessary for a person transacting in financial markets to increase his awareness level. Thus institutes like VTIPS play an important role by providing technical analysis training in Delhi.

Information about institutes like VTIPS can be had from internet. The ease with which such information can be found is determined by the position at which it is displayed by the search engine while searching. Here SEO (Search Engine Optimising) technique comes to rescue. SEO is a process which effects the position of appearance of a website or web page while display of results by a search engine. The page on which the information is displayed matters a lot as the link appearing earlier will get more hits as compared to the one which is displayed later. This makes the entity about which information is displayed earlier, more popular than the rest. The professionals having knowledge of SEO are preferred by the organisations due to this benefit. Hence the need for learning SEO through the institutes like VTIPS that is one of the best SEO training institutes in Delhi.

With the changing times and increasing competition, the industry has become very demanding as regards the skillsets being possessed by the professionals, while considering their employability. Having education on the traditional pattern doesn’t work anymore. There has to be something added to it for a person to survive in the industry. The professional courses make an individual job-ready and help him in securing a good future besides helping him to earn his livelihood. The professional courses having placement assistance provide him with the experience needed for him to secure a good job in the industry. Thus there is need of professional training institutes providing practical exposure to individuals through their industry-integrated courses .VTIPS is one such institute providing professional training in Lajpat Nagar.

Now that the need to go for professional courses and the significance of the professional institutes is clear, one doesn’t need to think twice before joining one.

Vidya Topa Institute-a pioneer in finance courses

Student these days seek for finance courses and one institute that has the best courses is Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies. The institute has become a popular name within a year because of its excellent faculty members and complete placement assistance course to the students.

The institute provides various long term and short term finance courses that provide ample opportunities to the students to groom themselves for making a successful career. The institute has modern ways like interactive classroom sessions and projects to encourage project based learning to the students.

The institute offers Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth & Financial Planning which is a one year programme and is designed to train the students so that they can make it big in the finance sectors as wealth managers, financial planners and consultants. This course is based on the modules of CFPCM & RFC® Curriculum, NCFM and NISM and gives an edge to the students in the Financial Industry. This course has three trimesters and two months internship programme. The students are taught 15 industry vetted subjects; make financial plans on software and Excel. This post graduate diploma in Wealth &Financial Planning trains students professionally so that they can work in industries like banks, wealth management companies,financial planning firms, financial KPO, insurance companies or just set up own advisory firm.

The other course that the institute offers is Certified Financial Planner course. This is the most popular financial planning qualification in the world. More than 24 countries including USA, UK and Canada recognize this course. In India there are only 1500 Certified Financial Planners where as there is a requirement of 50,000 such individuals in the country. So this course assured wide scope for the students. This course grooms a student to develop abilities to manage finances and help others with financial planning. Certified Financial Planner enhances a person’s development abilities and trains them to work as charter members, recruiters and promoters of CFP certification in India.

The best feature of CFP is that it is an international course and adds an edge to a person’s resume.
There is also BFIS professional course which is a two month programme. It aims at giving professional knowledge like skills and attitude to the students which are the requisites of working in the financial sector. It is a very unique course that gives a person the opportunities in sectors like financial services, stock market, insurance and banking.