Technical Analysis Training

The Financial markets are increasingly becoming volatile due to the changes that have been taking place in the business environment of the country. This business environment includes economic environment, political environment and various other factors. As the only thing permanent in the environment of the country is ‘the change’, it becomes very important to undertake a technical analysis study of the financial markets before taking any investment or trading decision.

Technical analysis refers to methodology used for forecasting the changes in pricing by studying the trends in market. It includes analysis of earnings, dividends, new products, research, etc. through the use of various methods, tools and techniques for example by use of charts. It studies the demand and supply forces in the market and based on the data so collected, predicts the future pricing. The timeframe for this study can be week, days or even minutes hence it can be said that it is a dynamic study. It assumes that

1)      Everything is discounted in the market – This means that the price of a security be it stock, futures and commodities, fixed income securities, forex or any other security for that matter, at a particular time, is the reflection of every factor that affects the company in some or the other way and therefore separate study of each factor is not required. Studying the stock’s price alone suffices.

2)      History tends to repeat itself – It believes that history tends to repeat itself as regards the price movements, i.e., the response to a particular stimuli remains the same over a time. Charts are used for analysing the movements of price and the trend thereby, in the market.

3)      Price moves in trends, that is, the past data in pricing is a true indicator of the future. There are 3 types of trends – Uptrends, i.e., in which individual current prices are higher than the previous ones; Downtrends, i.e., in which individual current prices are lower than the previous ones and horizontal trends in which there is not much of a change.

Such analysis becomes all the more important due to growing complexity of the stock market. Due to its utmost importance it becomes necessary for the people to be trained in this methodology. This has given rise to many technical analysis training institutes, VTIPS being one such institute. VTIPS not only provides training in technical analysis but also provides SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) training and host of other professional courses related to finance. SEO training in Lagpat Nagar institute is Delhi based and is placed at Lajpat Nagar. The institute has emerged as one of the prestigious centres of financial education in India.

                                       The institute has been in existence for three years approximately. It possesses excellent infrastructure and facilities, well qualified and experienced faculty, curriculum designed by national and international organisations and provides specially designed study material and text books. Apart from this it also provides placement assistance on the completion of the course. With the growth of such well equipped institutes, we can hope to educate at least 2/3 rd of Indian population as regards financial aspects, technical analysis and SEO.


Getting the Right Training institute in Delhi

Delhi is known to the as capital of India, country’s political hub and home to various world famous monuments like the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Matar and so on. However, little did we know about the level of training for different internationally acclaimed courses provided in the capital? The union territory of Delhi serves as home for numerous training institutes for a wide range of courses. Some of the major trainings in the capital are Technical analysis training Delhi and SEO training institute in Delhi.

Technical analysis training

Technical analysis is related to stock markets, and basically deals with the analysis of share prices of the securities of different companies. It teaches us how to interpret price movements in future by looking at the past price data. Institutes of technical analysis training Delhiteach us how to analyze different types of price charts, following indicators and developing trend ranges. Learning all of these at the technical analysis training Delhi, may prove beneficial for a person’s career and he/she may even invest in the stock market based on their own analysis. It is important to note that if an individual knows how to do the correct technical analysis, then he/she may never suffer from losses in the ever-so-dynamic stock market.

SEO training

Next is the SEO training institute in Delhi. SEO or search engine optimization training teaches an individual the different tactics or strategies using which, he or she can increase the number of visitors on a particular website. This is done when the website obtains a high rank in the pages of various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. SEO training institute in Delhiwill teach an individual or consultants or companies, specialized SEO skills. By attaining these skills, the users of this training will have an edge over others in the competitive markets. Post completion of the course, several job opportunities will open up, as the person who has the applicable knowledge and practical exposure to SEO skill will be desired by companies who want to shown in various search engines.

Within Delhi, SEO training in Lajpat Nagar is known to be the best among the rest. There are various institutes all across Delhi that claim to provide SEO training, but a very few actually provide quality training in SEO skills. Institutes that provide SEO training in Lajpat Nagarare among the few such institutes that do so. This is a comprehensive training that teaches the trainees about different related concepts like search engine results page or SERP, about the organic ranking, about white hat and black hat SEO techniques and so on.


If a person wants to achieve a target by doing something out of the box, then he or she may either go for technical analysis training, if interested in the field, gain something by investing in the share market, or might opt for SEO training and work with firms who want their content to be reviewed with a high ranking in the search engines. It is always true that a trained person always has an edge over his or her competitors who are not trained, and the quality of the training depends upon a person’s choice for the training institutes.

Get International Exposure in Finance by Studying At VTIPS

All of us dream to study in America. Infact, it is a common perception among the Indians that studying in abroad helps us to get excellent exposure academically as well as professionally. We often tend to overlook and search for good institutes that are present in our country which have the same ability to train like that of the foreign institutes.

Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies is a pioneer when it comes to giving finance training to the students along with the exposure which is equivalent to that of any foreign university. Today, there is a dire need of finance professionals in the market. Be it a financial analyst, chartered accountant, company secretary or an investment banker; the demand of finance professionals is again going up as the job market is recovering slowly from the slump it went into, in the last few years.

At our institute, we have structurally designed courses for finance like the Certified Financial Planner Course, Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth & Financial Planning and the BFIS professional course in order to help all those aspiring students who want to make a mark in the field of finance. All the courses are recognized in more than 24 countries all over the world. We not only train our students, but also groom them so that they can mold themselves according to the requirements of the job in the current industry. Till date, we have placed many students in companies that deals in share broking, NBFCs and Mutual Funds.

We also offer courses on programming languages. The demand of programmers in the IT world is increasing day by day as more and more foreign companies are outsourcing Indian engineers for their projects. At VTIPS, We offer summer training programs to all our students where they not only learn the fundamental concepts of programming, but also learn to implement them in the work.

Get the Best Preparation for SEO, Php and Android at Vidya Topa Institute.

Getting a job in the finance or the IT industry is what a student dreams these days. The hefty salary and the professional exposure that these companies provide are beyond any comparison. In order to get a good job in these companies, you certainly need to have strong background knowledge of the subjects and most importantly a guide who can help you to get those lucrative jobs. Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies is a well established name in New Delhi when it comes to providing the perfect guidance for getting a good job.

It provides the best SEO training in Delhi thereby providing them a course content which covers all the possible areas of SEO. Starting from off page optimization to on page optimization and social media marketing, the course helps a student to gain a firm hold on search engine optimization. Currently, in India more and more companies are increasing their online presence and for this they are in urgent need for SEO experts who can bring their position to the top when searched in search engines like Google or Yahoo. We offer placements to all our students in the top notch companies of New Delhi.

The PHP training course offered by us is simply the best. The study materials and course modules are designed in a less complicated manner which can easily be understood by the students. PHP plays a vital role in web development and is till date used by 244 million websites all over the world. Unlike any other Php training institute in Delhi, at VTIPS you will get a practical in hand experience about the use of php in the corporate world. We train all our students according to industry standards.

Getting an android training in Delhi is really difficult as there is a dearth of good institutes here which can provide good training on android phone. We at Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies give a full time training of six weeks to all our students related to Android Application Development where they get an opportunity to work on live industry projects. Upon the completion of training we also place them at good companies.

HTML Injection By Information Security Expert Gaurav Kawatra

HTML Injection

In this article, we are giving some sort of explanation on HTML injection. HTML injection is an attack and helpful to impersonate as an actual content on any vulnerable page.

Before indulge in this article, you must have knowledge of web application technologies for understanding the concept of HTML Injection (HTMLi).


Injection is a technique to run attacker’s code (Malicious code) in Web application or say Web application technologies either its client-side (html, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) or server-side (Database), etc or both. Attacker try to inject their code either it’s written in HTML or JavaScriptor both depending upon the scenario of attack which is impersonate as an actual code of web site using some social engineering as well. Even sometimes, we only need to inject code for dump database without using any other involvement from victim like we require for client-side attacks i.e. XSS, CSRF, etc.


No need of explanation for HTML but still I explain in simple words. HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is used for creating web pages and other information that you can saw at web browsers. Web browsers render the HTML elements with other technologies like CSS, JavaScript, etc and present at your door (browsers) which is client-side. Every browser has their own rendering process.

Number of technologies involve used by developers at client-side to present attractive pages on web browsers. So we can checked it by clicking on left-side of mouse, after that, a pop-up appears choose view-source option, a page appears which shows combination of different technologies involve in making of web-page.


HTMLI (HTML injection) is an attack which is helpful to change the content of web page and impersonate as an actual content. It is comes under the category of Code-injection vulnerability. It’s a client-side attack, an attacker make a script written in combination of CSS, HTML, etc. Example:

<h1>Sorry, Please login again. Your session is expired. </h1>

<BR>Username<input type=”text”>

<BR>Password <input type=”text”>

<BR>Input type=”Submit”   Value=”Submit”></h1>

Use this demo script, attacker steal credentials or perform other malicious attack.


As a non-technical person, victim never has interest to understand, they enter their credentials. Anyhow, attacker gets number of credentials using this code-injection vulnerability.

This is the result of trust on user input. So, it’s always better to put restriction on user input and always sanitize characters or white listing those characters/elements which are required and deny other characters. If required, use output encoded protection for special characters i.e. <, >, /, ‘, “, }, {, etc on client-side (browser).


Computer Courses Training in Delhi NCR

Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies has taken the franchise of G-Tec Education Center, which is one of the best computer courses training provider in India and also worldwide.

VTIPS is only one institute that has all courses of G-Tec Education in Delhi. The following courses Vtips are providing:

  •  RED Hat Certification
  •  Microsoft Certification Courses
  •  CISCO Certification Courses
  •  Software Courses
  •  Certified Android Application Development Courses
  • Basic Java, J2SE, J2ME, J2EE, C# .NET, ASP.NET
  • Programming in C, C++,
  • Oracle SQL and PL SQL
  • PHP and My SQL
  • Multimedia Courses
  • CAD Courses

If you want to do any course training then kindly send an enquiry to us we will contact you soon:


Mobile No- 9310442229