Why Internship ?

Why one should take an internship while in college or at university. Here are the reasons………..

With increasing competition in the corporate world/ job market, hands on experience can make significant difference in one’s CV.

Thus, University or college internship is extremely valuable for student who wishes to experience & understand corporate sector life while completing their degree. Internship ensures that student gets the chance to acclimatize to the business / professional environment while they learn. Internship helps student to excel both professionally and personally.

In many countries the idea of working while learning is a norm, but it takes a backseat in India. We in India are conditioned to give priority to study and work only after earning a degree. In present changed scenario, corporates not only look for professional qualification but also work skills. This gives added benefit and better opportunity to those students who opt for internships. However it is very important that students strike a healthy balance between studies and work.

Internship adds value to your resume.  In today’s competitive world networking and picking new skills make a difference. The key purpose of an internship is to provide one a meaningful learning experience. While the work could be paid or unpaid, students usually receive academic credits and an internship certificate from the company they work with. A reference letter, recommendation letter or certification can open doors to jobs. Whether paid or unpaid, internship could lead to full time employment.

Internship training is more like riding tricycle before switching to bicycles.  It is first-hand experience in terms of understanding professionalism in the business sphere.