Is satisfying the ever changing demands of IT industry a necessity to flourish in the industry?

It’s a well known fact that IT industry is the most dynamic of all industries. The speed with which the technologies become obsolete in this industry is very high. This necessitates individuals to learn the latest technologies or the technologies that are in demand, if they want to succeed. “Survival of the fittest” prevails here too and the fittest are the ones that are conversant with technologies being demanded at a particular time.

Institutes like VTIPS (Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies) play an important role in enhancing one’s knowledge as per the latest trends. The courses offered by the institute are always the ones that are in demand. Thus joining such courses can make an individual prepare himself for meeting the current demand. Taking up such courses makes him capable of accepting the challenges posed by the recurrent change. Currently the skill-sets in vogue include .NET, PHP & My SQL,C++, MATLAB, etc.

Dot NET or .NET is a technology that offers interoperability. It is a framework developed by Microsoft to run on Windows operating system. Due to its feature to interoperate with about 20 languages that is code developed using this technology can be used by 20 other languages, it has become popular among software developers. This makes VTIPS offer Dot NET training in Delhi.

Internet is now being used in each & every field to effect transactions with the help of technologies like HTML, PHP(front-end) & My SQL(Back-end) combination, etc. Thus PHP & My SQL combination is being widely accepted to develop software for E-commerce purposes. As now a days all the transactions are carried out online, this combination gains utmost importance and hence VTIPS provides PHP and My SQL training in Delhi. The  course is of 40 hrs duration and includes basics of web and concepts of static website like HTML, JavaScript and CSS and dynamic website like   Installation of IDE,  Installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache, Data types and variable declaration, How to display output,   Operators, Arrays and for each loop, String & date time functions , Super global arrays, Input values using form and input tag (get & post methods), , Control flow statements, Reusing Code (include & require statements) and templates, Redirection, Functions, OOPS programming in PHP,  Using Session Control in PHP, Authentication & Authorisation, Uploading and Downloading in PHP, Cookies ,How to send email in PHP, Introduction to CMS like word press & Joomla, Basics of MySQL, Database programming using MySQL,

VTIPS has introduced C++ course in Delhi due to the importance that C++ holds, it being a generic language capable of low level memory manipulation. It is an object oriented general purpose language and has been used to develop many utility programs like, Bloomberg (financial software to provide real time information to investors), CAD software called 12 D solutions, etc. The course of 40 hrs duration includes concepts of Object oriented programming such  Constructs, Functions, Arrays, ‘String’ class and its functions, Pointers, Classes and Objects,  Operator Overloading, Constructors and Destructors, Friend Functions and Classes, , Dynamic Memory Allocation (using ‘new’ and ‘delete’ operators), File Handling, Namespaces, ANSI/ISO C++ standard along with ‘std’ namespace, ‘using’ directive,  Implementing operator overloading using ‘friend’ functions,  Abstract Classes, Exception Handling, Static variable in a class and static member functions, Run-time, Polymorphism (virtual and pure virtual functions).

The widespread approval of the above skill-sets at the industry level makes it essential for the IT professionals to teach them….the only way by which they can retain their position or acquire a good position in the industry.