How far the IT industry recognises the Importance of learning C, C++, Android, PHP & MySQL?

IT industry has changed the shape of Indian economy. It has been influential in transforming India from an Agriculture based economy to a knowledge –based economy. The structure of the nation that was based on bureaucracy has been transformed in to innovation based structure with the opening of the industry. So getting absorbed in IT industry is a matter of pride. And grabbing a good offer can be a lot easier if one is skilled with the latest technologies. Also one has to have proficiency in integrating various applications to produce desired results. VTIPS is one such institute that offers you this opportunity of making yourself capable of becoming a proud IT professional.

VTIPS, i.e., Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies is a perfect destination for a professional to acquire the skill sets like C, C++, Android, and PHP & MySQL.

C, a procedure oriented programming language, as we know, is more often used for system programming due to its being closer to machine language. So it makes an individual competent enough to comfortably develop Operating systems, Compilers, Assemblers and so on. VTIPS’s C language course in Delhi provides knowledge of Procedural Oriented Programming and related concepts like Constructs, Functions, and Arrays, Structures, pointers, Union, file handling and enumerated data types.

C++, with its base in C , is a object oriented general purpose programming language used in various contexts like desktop applications, servers(E-commerce, SQL, etc), entertainment software like video games, etc. C++ courseware of VTIPS’s C++ course in Delhi includes Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, OOPS Vs Procedural programming, Conditional Constructs, Looping Construct, and other associated topics.

Android operating system has also found its great popularity in the industry. Developed primarily for touch screen mobile devices it has capture the market of televisions (Android TV), wrist watches (Android wear) and auto (Android cars) as well. So it becomes all the more advantageous to acquire knowledge of this operating system as this will make you capable of entering not only IT industry but other industries as well. This gives rise to need of learning Android OS and VTIPS’s android training in Delhi which covers introduction to Android and all the related topics.

PHP( Hypertext pre-processor) , a HTML embedded server side scripting language, finds its use in E-commerce applications and its integration with the database is must for storage of useful data being manipulated in the process. So PHP and MySQL are used in integration with each other. VTIPS offers PHP & MySQL training in Delhi whereby concepts associated with Static and dynamic website are taught.

So now that you are clear about the utility of each course there is of course no need to think twice about learning them and VTIPS is the perfect choice to acquire expertise in these skill sets and at the same time getting placement assistance.


How do I become conversant with the various concepts in IT like C & MATLAB so that it helps me in getting a job in IT industry?

In this era of global competition, the boundaries have merged and thus getting a good job has become a challenging task. The companies ask for technically qualified persons. This has led to evolution of many educational institutes in IT industry. Vidya Topa Institute of Professional Studies (VTIPS) is one of the best institutes in IT education that vies for making its students capable of facing this challenge.`

The institute offers C language course in Delhi and is based at Lajpat Nagar. The language C is a general purpose programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973. This language is very close to assembly language and is thus used in developing system software. Many different languages like D, Perl, Java, JavaScript, UNIX C shell, C#, etc. have had their origin from C. So becoming proficient in C opens many avenues in IT industry. One can become a good programmer in C and the other languages that have their base in C. VTIPS teaches following concepts of C language in 40hrs duration:

  1. Introduction to Procedural Oriented Programming
    2. Conditional Constructs
    3. Looping Constructs
    4. Functions
    5. Arrays
    6. Pointers
    7. Structures
    8. Unions
    9. Enumerated Data types
    10. File Handling

The institute also offers 40 hrs MATLAB training in Delhi (Lajpat Nagar) as weekend batch of 45 days. MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory) is a fourth generation high level programming language basically meant for numerical computation. It provides an environment for numerical processing and programming. Developed by MATHWORKS, the language is widely used in IT industry for matrix manipulation, interfacing with other languages like C, C++, Java and FORTRAN, creation of user interfaces, and so on. So going in for a course on MATLAB can make a person competent of holding a good job in IT industry. The MATLAB course of VTIPS offers MATLAB training in Lajpatnagar, Delhi and covers he following areas:

(MATLAB – Beginning)
(1). Introduction to MATLAB – Handling Matrices and Arrays in MATLAB
(2). Programming in MATLAB

(3). Graphics in MATLAB
(4). Introduction to Simulink

(MATLAB – Image Processing)
(1). Images in MATLAB
(2). Spatial Transformation
(3). Morphological Image Processing

MATLAB – Projects
(1). Gear Teeth Count
(2). Find missing tablet in a group of tablets
(3). Text to Image Conversion
(4).Image Compression

From the above discussion it is clear that due to their wide applications in IT industry, C and MATLAB have become of immense importance in the IT industry and hence the need for gaining knowledge in these languages. And now that you have a reason to be proficient in these languages what a better place to join than VTIPS that possesses 3 year experience in IT education and has qualified, experienced and competent faculty; state of art infrastructure and facilities; curriculum designed by various national and international organisations; excellent courseware and experience in providing placement in IT industry!!!